Friday, February 25


There was a song years ago in a grade school song book that was about coffee.
My cousin was a year younger than I, and she sang it.
I didn't learn all of the words.......just some of them.
That was when I was about 10?

coffee is NOT a drink for me
it's a drink some people wake up with

That's all I can remember.

Well, I do wake up with coffee.
I love to drink it in the mornings.
And in the afternoon....and evening.
I like it after dessert, and before.
I'll have a cup of coffee before breakfast.
Then I'll get some while I'm eating breakfast.
I will drink coffee while I pull weeds..........this drives my poor kids crazy.
I'd rather have a cold coffee than a soda pop if we're out fiddling around.

We got a new coffee-maker.
I love it.
For years, I have been looking for a maker where you could keep the lid
open and WATCH the hot water spritz on top of the grounds.
This one is just perfect!
The top opens up sideways and one can view the process.
I like to watch clothes wash in a washer, too.
When I was growing up, we had a washer with a circle glass lid.

I drink real coffee in the morning
and decaff after that.
I cannot tell the difference. Some people say they can.
I don't believe it.

For too long, we have collected coffee cups.
We have them from Alaska all the way to Ghana.
If I had to do it all over again,
I would NOT collect them.
I would have only bought pencils from the places we have visited.
Pencils are practical and they don't take up much room.
But I can't do it over again.

So, I have 100 (plus) cups to choose from.
Until my next garage sale.
Right now, I'm enjoying THREE cups.
A lime green one.
One with art from Marjolein Bastin.
And a yellow and white one with Snoopy.

I have never enjoyed tea and never will.

one of my favorite quotes:

If this is coffee, give me tea.
If this is tea, give me coffee.

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Kimberly R. Hodge said...

I LOVE coffee too! I'm drinking it now, at 5:46PM. We use a French Press and grind the beans fresh each time. Mmmmm. It's the best way, I'm tellin' ya! I do, however, like tea! ONLY loose leaf, flavored! My favorite has coconut in it! Maybe I could convince you to try it someday. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We have a French Press....I use it once in a while but I have an awful time un-doing it to wash it.

ancient one said...

I only want one cup... first thing after I get up. Then I'm good.

Leah and Heather said...

I'm Finish and coffee is in my blood. I've tried to give it up...and I have at times but I miss it and the ritual itself. And it can't be decaf. I don't know why.

Before her doctor scolded her severly, my great aunt, whose mother came to America from Finland, told me she drang 24 cups of coffee a day.

Grammie Kim said...

What a "Mo-ish" sort of post. Glad you found your coffee pot that you can be mesmerized with. :) cimc

Chas said...

Mmmm, coffee! :)
I also see a Bosch mixer, swoon! :)
Love to you my dear, dear friend!