Monday, January 24

still no porch...........

I shouldn't complain.

We have a very fun yard.
Rain or shine.
Sleet or snow.

Fun stuff everywhere.

buckets of yard art.............

a breezy back yard

grass and a swing

flowers in Spring.

But I would still like to have a porch.

One can't really build a porch onto a
Frank Lloyd Wright
house like we have.
Your house has to start with one.
Or it will look like it's added.
And while we're at it......
I'd like all of my neighbors to have a porch, too.

People like the image; it takes them back to simplicity,
it conjures up the symbol of
'I want to go there,'
and the porch takes them there.
Niedra North

I wouldn't want a house without a porch.
I try to discourage people from building decks,
which are totally useless.
Ruben Yoder

The more sides of the porch open to the great outdoors, the better.
One is hardly enough, two is better; three is ideal.
Sarah Susanka

One factor pulling people away from the front porch and its engagement with the public realm may have been the backyard's emergence as a more pleasant place to spend time.
American Porch


Grammie Kim said...

...sigh....I have deck porches.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I love porches! We once had a HUGE porch on an 1800's Victorian we rented. Loved sitting out there. The world needs more porches!


You know what Mobunny, I think you would like to have a So would I.♥♥

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We lived in Medicine Lodge, Kansas on *Kansas* street.....the house was a duplex bungalow. It had a glorious porch.....ferns and a swing. I even appreciated it as a young girl.