Tuesday, January 11

Me, Molly, Mom, Mo, Grandmother, Michele, MoBunny

I've been lighting lots of candles.  Kind of helps warm up the place.
Candles just aren't fun to burn when it's 97 outside.
So I take full advantage of our cold weather to do it.

I have an old pan that I just keep putting candles in.........
until it gets full,
then I empty it out and do it again.
I've played with candles and wax since I can remember.

I sewed an apron for somebunny.
Choosing fabric takes longer than actually sewing the apron some days.
I have a hard time picking..........
I want it to be just right.

I bought a couple *neat* t-shirts that didn't necessarily fit anybody
so I could cut them up for different projects.
This is one of them.
I call it a Dr. Seuss hat.

I will never look at a t-shirt that doesn't fit anybody the same way again.
I made a pair of mittens for me out of this, too.
I feel like I'm straight from Who-Ville when I wear them.

I LOVED the fabric.
It used to be a shirt.
It didn't fit anybody I know either.....
so I cut it up and made a pot-holder.
It looks like my dad's pajamas or something.

Been wearing my warm socks and my Christmas house-shoes.
I hardly ever wear socks,
my feet are hardly ever cold,
but here lately,
my feet have been VERY cold.

I bought a filter for our shop-vac.
I have been putting it off for three reasons.
I never go to Lowe's.
I knew it might be kind of pricey,
and I didn't know what SIZE to buy.
Right before I left to buy groceries, I went to the garage ONE MORE TIME,
to see if I could find a number or something??? for a filter.
And look at what is on the SIDE of the shop-vac.
In plain English.
why didn't I ever see this before?

If you want to get some really good deals on Hobby Lobby Christmas leftovers,
don't wait too long.
I waited too long.
I will put this up in my sewing room.
It's the only one I got.
Three cheers for all you ladies that DID go in a timely fashion,
and DID get some really fun things.

I'm thinking it's OK to spend a little more money once in a while for something that smells

So, I have a daughter that eats LOTS of jalapeno peppers.
I bought a little jar today to keep them in.
You can't store them in plastic.....Tupperware or not.
It doesn't work.
Now I can buy them in cans and transfer them to a nice jar.
Kind of makes me want to make some nachos.............

I prefer fresh ones myself.
These are for Sunday.
We will bring them stuffed for lunch.
There are never enough.
Maybe there will be this time.

I also bought a new skillet for eggs.
I got rid of the other one.
I can't wait till the morning to fix breakfast.
The eggs will just slide right onto the plate.
It's funny how I will struggle with an old pan or old can opener instead of just buying one
when I have the $$ to do so.

This is what I'm reading.

Notice the arrow on the picture above,
the book on the left was purchased at a book-store....and the catalog to the right has a picture of it.  I LOVE to look at house plans and old house pictures.
This particular 'designer' of houses included built in bookshelves, the old houses had a pantry, some of them didn't have bathrooms and they all had a fireplace.
And sleeping porches.
How neat is that?

This is a neat book, too.
But you either like this kind of reading, or you don't.
I do.
I love the word *bungalow*.

I got these in the mail this week.
I can't wait to start reading them.

This is what I'm seeing in the back yard.
It is hard to believe how some leaves end up.
painted and pretty
almost unreal

This is what I'm listening to in the bedroom when I'm getting ready.
You know,
putting on my make-up and stuff.
I got a whole set of Lester Roloff tapes for a dollar.
He rings a door-bell, reads the Bible and prays.
I love listening to him.

This is what I'm taking.
For a possible? infection.
If this doesn't work,
I don't know what I'll do.

This is what I'm drinking. 

I also bought a Fossil purse today for a dollar.
I washed it...........when it dries, I'll take a picture of it.

What have YOU been doing lately?


Grammie Kim said...

i've been working.

Rebecca said...

You've been ONE busy MoBunny! And the time spent selecting that fabric for the apron was time VERY well spent. Now I ALSO know the secret of the scent :)

I'll feature that beautiful apron tomorrow at thriftystyleatsixty.blogspot.com

It IS amazing!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I'll be looking for the post!

Pen Pen said...

What a fun post! I have a pair of those warm house slippers like yours and I love them. We've had ice for three days and they have been wonderful on my feet.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those old Lester Roloff tapes are a *treasure*!

joy said...

We are obsessed with candle burning. We save all of our old match sticks to poke into the wax of a candle burned too low for the wick. We create rather large bonfires out of matchsticks formed into teepees in the wax :o)

I love that hat, how clever!

ancient one said...

Well, you've been busy and I enjoyed each thing you told us about. I love me some fuzzy socks when the weather gets cold...