Saturday, January 29

Happy Birthday Kansas

Kansas has fancy bathrooms out in the middle of nowhere.
Here is a perfect example.

This is the first house I remember.
There was one house between us and Granny.
Pete and Billie lived there........he dropped change in his driveway so we could find it.

Aunt Sharon's Farm.
This is where I walked in fields of cows, played on haystacks, swam in irrigation ditches and made mudpies on the porch.  It was a glorious porch.

Amber waves of grain.
Well, piles anyway.

The yellow swing on a walnut tree branch.

My dad's tools.
and no, he's not a surgeon
he's a *wagon maker*

Mr. Monkey is in the porch of my mom and dad's house.
He's getting quite old.

Don't you love my hair?
(I'm on the right)

Kansas was *just fine* for me for many years.
I was very happy there.

There was always plenty of wind.

Just so you will know,
the next time I go, I'm stealing this from my sister.
I want it in MY yard.

Beautiful Kansas.

It's where I learned to slam a screen door and ride a bike.

Kansas has FOUR seasons.
I love October in Kansas.

Happy Birthday !!
Kansas !!

I wish I were there today.....for today is also my mom's birthday.  I'd take her to get pizza.  That way she wouldn't have to be alone.
Happy Birthday Mom!
I love you.


Rebecca said...

I ♥ Kansas, too. Don't remember if I've told you I was born there (Hutchinson) and finished college there (Sterling). Then we moved to Norton where my husband taught a couple of years...then back to Sterling where he worked in the college for a couple of years. My father still owns the land he farmed when I was a child although he's not farmed it himself for about 55 years....


I have a very good reason for loving Kansas......It gave us "YOU". HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Mom too from us.