Saturday, January 8


If submission and obedience were easy, we could rename those words to downhill and slipper slide. 
Why do we wonder at the struggle?
Why do we put UP such a struggle? if some strange thing has come upon us?



Rebecca said...

Two TOTALLY unrelated comments....
1. I'd love to know more about the stack of suitcases I spied in your sidebar!
2. We visited Lehman Hardware last fall. What an amazing place!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I find old suitcases at thrift stores, look in them and decide whether to buy them or not! I get them at very good prices, less than $4. I use them to store things: cloth diapers, Ideal magazines, stuff from Africa, frontroom decoration, holiday cd's and tapes, books from when the kids were little, Garfield/Calvin & Hobbs books........and believe it or not, some are empty. I also have a few that I actually use when we go places..........I would LOVE to go to a Lehman's store!