Friday, December 10


I think these are considered mules.
They are in the category of 'duck' shoes to me.
They are some of my most favorite type of shoe.
This particular kind of shoe is what I was looking at on e-bay the other night.....and wishing I had $30 so I could get a pair.
Honk Honk
I went to a thrift store today and they had a pair for
My size.
My style.
I was pretty tickled.
Now I have Clark's, Born, and a Cherokee.
Paid less than $5 for ALL three of them.
And I will wear all three of them out.


Kristi said...

Gotta love those thrift stores!! haha...I just get so excited when I find deals like that! And they're some of my favorite style of shoes too. They look cute with crazy socks, which I am absolutely known for wearing all winter!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Today I don't need socks. Tomorrow I might. Yesterday I did.....

Rebecca said...

You're MY kind of woman! I like these, too! They're comfortable AND attractive.

joy said...

I call these clogs, and I just love them. You have got to try a brand called EUROstep. They make your feet feel like they are walking in clouds.