Saturday, December 25

Mississippi Amelia !!

We love to stop at rest stops.
And drink their coffee.

The tree outside Applebee's.
It was beautiful.

Kimberly's Mug.

Sweet Little Amelia

Scene from Sara's back door.
Looks like she lives in the mountains or summpin.

Sara, Lydia, Amelia

If Thomas knew I was doing laundry, he always helped.

Super Busy
It was wild in there.
Last stop before home.
Bought holiday goodies.
Had family over Friday night.
Kelly family on Saturday.

I am so sorry for those that are lonely this time of year.
I can't imagine it.
The Lord has blessed my life in so many ways.
Friends, Family, Church, Health, A Home


Grammie Kim said...

Enjoyed the pictures! Yesterday, one of my kids said, "This might be the last Christmas together like this for a while." Some of them are moving away for work, some are praying about changes, some are trying to change the size of their families...
I just think that comment might be true....

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Nothing stays the same. You just gotta enjoy the table you put your own feet under. That's all you can do.

ancient one said...

Beautiful baby... loved the pics.