Tuesday, November 30

The Ocean

"The waves broke with a soft swish on the rocks below them, and the tang of the sea was in the strong, fresh air." AnneActually, it wasn't like that at all. The air was strong, but it wasn't fresh. Mosquitos were biting......and strangely enough, there was NO wind. It was foggy but we could still see surfers trying to catch a wave. The water was covering the little bit of beach left from the last hurricane. The old brick building that got blown away has been replaced with new restrooms. A few people were playing volley ball. It would have been a good night for it. We didn't walk all the way down the jetty. It kind of looked like a scary dream, so I turned around and everybody followed me. There was no apparent sunset.  It just got dark.
Then we went to our lovely Super S store to find some holiday cookies. Went home empty handed. I'll go to Kroger today. They'll have what we're looking for.
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