Wednesday, November 10

My Sky Today

I hardly ever see traces of a jet in our sky.
I guess we don't live in the paths they take in the air.

Then there were TWO paths.
And I saw it happen.

I think it's neat how quickly the sky can change.
Clouds don't last.

THEN, I saw a big flock of birds.
There just aren't that many flocks of birds in the sky where we live.
I'm from KANSAS and there are always flocks of birds.
I love to see how they all fly with each other.
Kind of like waves of the ocean.
I guess I have the ocean now instead of flocks of birds.

I honked, but they didn't move.
I would have loved to see them all take off.
In unison.
The kids always used to say the birds were at church
when they saw them on lines like this.

everything changes
nothing stays the same
except one thing
God's Word

that's it.

That's all we need.

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