it's that time again!!

Time to go camping.
With our church.
I think it might rain.
30% chance can be pretty wet.
Oh well.
We'll have fun anyway.
I remembered the grill cleaner this time.
That ugly little wire brush.
We have chocolate, coffee, pillows, new flashlights, old games, new beds, a fan AND a heater, root beer........and friends.
And Bunny.  She doesn't even know yet.


Sharon said…
I hope it doesn't rain on your camping trip. Have a good time!
Dee said…
How fortunate to belong to such an active church. Have a good time.I am sure Bunny will be excited. ‼
Karen said…
Just catching up and hopping in to say Hi!!! Hope you are having a wonderful time camping~
Mrs. Mobunny said…
We had a good time. Didn't need the grill brush,, there was a county wide burn ban and we couldn't even grill a hot dog.

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