Wednesday, November 3

I'm Home

I am home in Texas.
My other home is Central Kansas.
I got to visit my parents for a week.
I got to spend time with my Aunt for a week.
I got to be with my sister and shop and eat out.
My dad gave me skeleton keys and thimbles.
My mom gave me curtains and pot-holders.
My sister gave me candles.
My Aunt gave me a ride.
I'm glad I got to go.
I'm glad I'm home.
I don't live in a rut.
So when I have to come home from a visit or vacation....
I don't mind.
I like my life.
I am so blessed.


Chas said...

So glad you had a nice time!
btw, LOVE that fabric a few posts below that you got for a quarter!
LOVE!!! :)

Grammie Kim said...

OH, I thought you would be gone a little while longer. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Talk to you soooooonnnnnnn!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to Blogland, you were missed! (o:

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I missed you all, too. I did come back earlier than expected. Just in time for a rainy cool front.

Pastor McEntire said...

As soon as I realized she was coming back to Texas I waltzed across Texas to get her..Ok, I didn't actually waltz, I drove, but I would have waltzed across Texas to get her because we would have waltzed back across together. Instead we just drove.