Wednesday, November 17

I wonder.....

I wonder what dogs think about.
Are they self conscious of their ears?
Do they wonder if they eyes bug out?
Or if their collar brings out the color in their eyes?

Do they even care what color anything is?
What if their bowl of gravy train was green.
Would they care?

Do they wonder why the TV is on so loud?
Or why the screen door gets slammed?
Do the cats outside the front door jumping on the screen bother them?

Do they wish everybody would go to bed earlier?

If dogs had cell phones,
would they drop them in their water bowls?

Are dogs afraid of mice,
Or spiders?
Or heights?
If they could,
would they play hide and seek?

Dogs seem pretty content,
with just a little ray of sun.
A little step to sleep on.
A few good friends.
Collars with no bells.
A few bugs to bark at.

Seems to me,
I'm pretty hard to please.
What about you?


Anonymous said...

That was CUTE my Java Buddy!!!! :) I now am wondering what they think about! ;)

Sharon said...

I loved this!! It sure makes us look like very discontent people. Yes, I suppose we are. Sure does put things into perspective. Thanks for posting this!

Grammie Kim said...

I wonder....if I should be upset that I am trying to compare myself to your content doggie...