Thursday, November 18

Happy Campers

The place we used to go had a shelf along one wall for 'stuff'. The place we go now, does not.  We bought a little table for our 'stuff'.  It was just right!

Breakfast on Friday morning.
We were supposed to have a big lunch, so breakfast was planned to be light.
A volleyball game was going on so lunch and supper got rolled up into one meal.
Kind of.
When you're camping, you shouldn't be too worried about the clock.

I always bring some kind of decoration for our shelter area.
This year it was Autumn Color Ribbon.
I would love to get some lights like you see around campers.
Maybe in the shape of little rabbits?

Bunny had fun.  She loves to be around people.
And anybody and everybody could pet her because we were outside and it didn't matter if she got all wound up....and pottied.
She evidently isn't going to outgrow that untidy little habit of hers.

This was the kitchen cabin.
It's where everybody meets and eats and plays games and have our lawn chairs in a circle.
It was kind of a bummer this time because there was a burn ban.
NO fire in any shape or form.
No hot dog roast.
We got there pretty early on Thursday morning so we had the chance to warn everybody to make a change in their food plans.  I found a little electric coil to cook with.....that we brought, so we were fixed up.
(if you are looking for one....they are at Walgreens of all places!)

Garbage sack race.  Two teams.  Two paper sacks full of the exact thing.
Warm can of pop.  Nutter Butter Bars.  Box of Nerds.  Dill Pickles.  Twinkies.
Race through each baggie and see who can finish first.
The man on the left finished a pretty big pickle in 3? bites!
Daniel was eating a Nutter Butter Bar.

Saturday morning.
It was a bit nippy.
But beautiful! 
I fried sausage and eggs for breakfast.
I also made smashed biscuits.
Take a can of biscuits, put them in a skillet with a little butter.
Fry on one side, turn it over and smash it.
Finish it and then roll it in cinnamon sugar.
They make people smile.

We had all kinds of weather. 
Warm and humid.  Windy and warm.  SUNNY.  Sprinkles.
Cold front bringing rain and wind and very chilly weather.
FOG and MIST.  Cloudy and Overcast.
Chilly and bright blue skies.
Cool breezes. Warm breezes.

There is no bad weather.
Only improper clothing.

If this tree was in our back yard, I'd hang a swing from it. 
Isn't it funny how trees grow sometimes?

Out in the middle of this park, is their water tower.
My husband and I took a nice little Saturday morning walk.
Then we took a bike ride.
It was a beautiful day.
I didn't want to leave.

Packing up isn't one of my favorite things.....but I knew we were on our way to Dairy Queen, so I hurried!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

So glad it all meets with Bunny's approval! That is most important.

Rebecca said...

This post was full of humorous one-liners! After reading it, I could check off one of my current 5 daily goals - laugh out loud!

I liked the Garbage Relay....think I might work that in to our extended family Christmas gathering...

And the "smash biscuits" sound delicious.

I find it hard to figure why the "burn ban"??? Are things too dry?

And I LOVED the line, "no bad weather, just inappropriate clothes"!

Anonymous said...

that garbage sack race sounds like fun, i think my kids would like to play that. i'd like to see your smashed biscuits, but i guess i'll have to wait until next fall. so glad you had a nice time!