Tuesday, October 5

surprise surprise

I know the name of our cat.

But I do not know the name of this bulb plant.

So, I call them Surprise Flowers.

If anybody knows their real name, feel free to share it with my millions of readers and I.
It's always nice to be informed.

I've had some pop up in the past, but this year I have had more than I've ever seen.  I plant bulbs throughout the year, then just the right conditions come along, and they surprise me and bloom.

They are sure making my October gardens look pretty.


Rebecca said...

They look like they're in the family of what we call "Naked Ladies" or "Surprise Lilies". Yours are just a bit different, though - but the "stalk" looks very similar.


What a wonderful surprise the Lord has sent to you, to brighten your day!!! I love them. Happy they bloomed. love you, Grandma

Dee said...

I do not know the name but they are unusual looking. They do add surprise to the garden and also make for good conversation. You seem to have a green thumb. :)

Andrea said...

I don't know either but they are gorgeous! Lucky you

Sara said...

I think you got the bulbs from our yard! We have them growing right now too!

GardenofDaisies said...

Your kitty cat is so adorable!!! And the flower is a spider lily. So pretty!

ancient one said...

I have them too... but don't know their name..