Monday, October 4

Random Rabbit Post

I am always delighted to see mushrooms pop up in a yard.
It is a very random thing.

This has got to be the best air freshener I have ever smelled.
This is Lemon.
If you have a few extra grocery dollars, get some.
It is NOT your run of the mill stuff.

I got these at a thrift store.  While others are frantically stuffing new books into their basket at a good price, I am fine with the old books.  Don't get me wrong, I also like to buy the new books and sell them.  I have been known to make a hefty amount of money doing so....but I also enjoy the old ones that I KEEP.
I 'love' quote books.......especially quotes about friends.
I have many.
The Garden Fact book is very delightful.
"In the woods the buds are bustin',
in the woods the grass is green;
And of course, a good Stillmeadow book by my favorite author, Gladys Taber.
I can't wait to read it.

This is Bunny impersonating a hot-dog.

Lydia took this for me.  I have a very tall stalk of sunflowers that the hummingbirds seem to love.
I will leave it there, it's easier than keeping sugar water in a little feeder!


Since the sun isn't so hot on the gardens, things can start growing again.  Shamrocks are very sensitive to weather.
Kind of like me.
Around here, Fall can look like Spring in my gardens.


Anonymous said...

I agree the mushrooms are charming they're not so fun when they're growing in *your* yard. We just had to put stuff on the grass to get them to quit growing because our yard was becoming over run with them.

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mrs. Meyer Lemon Verbena room spray. It is *not* perfumy at all, just fresh and delicious.

And I must admit to a bit of envy over your old book finds. I have never read a Gladys Taber book but have quoted her often and she has wonderful quotes so I can imagine the books are wonderful.

And you know, I'm not partial to chihuahuas or weenier dogs but your Bunny is ADORABLE!

Sara said...

We saw a real hot dog-Dog at a park Saturday. He was really good with the kids and I liked his short hair!