Monday, October 11

Outside my window-----I see a sunflower looking RIGHT at the sun!

I am thinking about--an Eric Sloane book, The Spirits of America

I am thankful for----my kitchen

I am wearing---a Conversation Piece jumper

I am creating---my first quilt block's a vase with three flowers. It wasn't my idea, but I need to learn how to do it.  It's good to learn something new.

I am going to---take a steak out of the freezer for supper for my husband.

I am reading---Edwin Way Teale / it is winter now in his book

I am hoping---for another cool front so we can turn off the AC and open the windows. 

I am hearing---the freezer running.  Sometimes it sounds like wind whistling through a window.

One of my favorite things----good coffee

A few plans for the rest of the week----are to go through my recipes and make my drawer nice.  I need some little kid shoe boxes.