Monday, October 11

I'm Only Human?

You and I know some people who swell up like a poisoned pup when called "a diamond in the rough" or "a rough diamond."  It always appears that they are more proud of being "in the rough" than they are of being a diamond!
If one has the sterling inward qualities of the diamond, it seems nothing short of an insult to his fellow men to present this diamond to them "in the rough."  The world has not the tools, the patience or the time to hack away the encrusting rock formation and find the jewel.
Usually this "diamond in the rough" believes people ought to ferret out, recognize and honor the inner value he takes such childish and unintelligent pride in keeping concealed from them.
If the human personification of this gem hasn't enough personal pride and kindliness to cut and polish the precious stone that is himself, until every facet sparkles to the full extent of its candlepower, how can he expect others to go to that trouble?
It is the duty of every human to gladden the rest of the race in every way possible; to add as much as he can to the sum total of life's joy and beauty--not add to life's tasks.
The human boulder with a first water diamond for a heart is both silly and cruel if he fails to slough off his unattractive covering and emerge in the full coruscating beauty of a perfectly cut and polished gem.
Gordon Owen


To give forth flashes of light; sparkle and glitter:
To say, I am only human, is to say, I can't help the way I am.  It is to say, I know I have qualities that are not 'diamond like', too bad for you. 


Rebecca said...

I've been guilty of this! I am both chastened and challenged. Thanks for posting it.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

It stings, but that is good. That means I'm not past feeling!