Sunday, October 3

From an old chorus book

Pinebrook Choruses

The Gospel~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Savior above,
In wonderful love,
Came down to the earth to die;
That all who believe
Might pardon receive
And live with Him ever on high.

Lost, But Jesus Found Me~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lost, but Jesus found me;
Blind, but now I see;
Bound, but hallelujah!
Christ has set me free.

Something More Than Gold~~~~~~~~~~

Oh, yes, I know there's something more,
Something more than gold,
To know my sins are all forgiv'n,
Is something more than gold.

He Laid Down His Life For His Sheep~~~~~~~~

He laid down His life for His sheep,
He laid down His life for his sheep;
This Shepherd so kind,
Had me in His mind,
When he laid down His life for His sheep.

A Good Enough Book For Me~~~~~~~~~~`

It's a good enough book for me,
A good enough book for me;
It tells of Jesus who die for me,
It tells of a Savior who ransomed me,
It's pages are true, and it's message is new;
It's a good enough book for me.

Every Day~~~~~~~~~~

Every day I'm walking with my Savior,
Every day He shows His wondrous favor'
In His arms I'm safe from every danger,
Till my mortal bond is free.

Keep Shining~~~~~~~

Keep shining, keep shining, and never grow dim.
Keep shining, keep shining , and glorify Him:
That someone you meet on life's journey may say:
"Thank God for that Christian, he's helped me today!"

This is such a neat little chorus book.  Many of the songs I've been taught through the years are IN this book.....all the words and music~~

Climb climb up Sunshine Mountain
Wide wide as the ocean.....(high as the heaven above)
Running over! Running over!
Isn't it grand to be a Christian, isn't it GRAND?
One door and only one.....
Fishers of men, Fishers of men!

The Birds Upon the Treetops~~~~~~~~~~

The birds upon the treetops sing their song,
The angels chant the chorus all day long;
The flowers in the garden blend their hue,
So why shouldn't I,
Why shouldn't you,
Praise Him Too?

Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart!

I hope you have a good Sunday!!

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