Friday, October 1


I like Romans 12. 
A preacher a LONG time ago said, "Remember who you are and what you are about." 

Obey this chapter and SOAR.

Let love be without dissimulation
Abhor that which is evil
Cleave to that which is good
(this would mean to stop acting like you don't know the difference)
Be kindly affectioned one to another
Rejoicing in hope
(there is hope for all of us, if we are still alive and breathing, there IS hope)
Patient in tribulation
(yes YOU be patient)
Bless and curse not
(come back to earth Michele)
Rejoice with them that do rejoice
(this is usually pretty easy unless you struggle with jealousy)
Mind not high things
Be not wise in your own conceits
(just about the time I think I have things figured out....BOOM)
Recompense to no man evil for evil
Provide things honest in the sight of all men
(ALL men, HONEST, no matter what)
Avenge not yourselves
(you will make a mess of it and possibly make it worse)
Be not overcome of evil
but overcome evil with good.
There.  We are all back to earth now.
If we need to know God's will for our life, we can start here.



Rebecca said...

I'm lovin' your parenthetical explanations here! And your new(?) header is SO attractive...

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Dee said...

Love the photo.:) and I also enjoyed your previous post.