Wednesday, October 6

conversation piece

I have always liked this fabric.
It used to be a jumper.
I didn't want to use it as a jumper anymore.
So I cut the bottom of it off and made curtains for a friend.
But I still had the bodice.
It has been hanging around for a week or so and I've been eyeballing it.
thinking thinking thinking
Well, now it's a very washable pot-holder.
It was an old Conversation Piece jumper.
They don't make them anymore.
Too bad.
That means the demand for modest jumpers went down.
Imagine that.
There is a store in Galveston called Conversation Pieces.
The owner started making clothes in her own home, now she owns two stores. (maybe 3?)
She said, people don't want clothes like this anymore.
Too Bad.
She used quilt fabric and the cost was too much for what women were willing to pay for them. 
I loved the style, the fabric and the fun buttons.
Too bad there weren't more women that thought so.
I've had many of the dresses and jumpers through the years.
Some new, some old, some marked down, some as gifts.
I loved them all. 
It's cause I'm FRUMPY.
So, call me FRUMPY.
It's a compliment.
When it's all been said and done....
The Holly Hobbies of this world.....
just might
be smiling, really big.


Rebecca said...

Call ME "frumpy" too! An per Holly Hobby, I couldn't resist a 50 cent Holly Hobby (springtime motif) plate at a thrift store recently!

Too bad I don't live closer to Conversation Pieces. I'd really like to peek inside (though I'm sure I couldn't afford any of the clothes).

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I bought a few jumpers off the sale rack when they were 'drastically' reduced one day. I had money from my Mo-Cookie business, it was a fun time! I talked with the owner and got her autograph! I think her store in Galveston got flooded, haven't been there for a while.

Sara said...

I love Holly Hobbie! I love my frumpy MAMA too!!

~~Deby said...

I "get it"...and it dissappoints me that people try to tell me what is good taste or style...etc....FRUMPY...who says ? Who dictates this ? I think frumpy is a word that is used to say you don't like something...I would much rather NOT look like the world in all their SHAME...and everything is a shame that you have to find most conservative clothing at Goodwill nowadays....
The other day I was in a thrift shop and there was a moslem lady in her garb with her two little girls dressed like her. Now, I know we are not saved by works...but I thought "Christian Women" won't even make a clean living statement with their clothes and this woman is willing to do it, and she is in a FALSE religion...ahhh...I had better stop or my blood pressure will go up...
I think you made a very creative fun use of that bodice...good job !!!

Grammie Kim said...

Put me on the frumpy list! I remember the dresses and jumpers you have loved over the years. I know you miss might just have to make your own conversation pieces these days.


I have never, never thought my Mobunny was "frumpy." She has always been beautiful to me. Grandma

Chas said...

I love you frumpy friend!
From your lumpy, bumpy, frumpy friend. <3

Thank you!!! :)

Pastor McEntire said...

Frumpy is more fun ;-)