Monday, October 18

Cold Coffee

DO try this at home.
Fancy coffee can be expensive.
I have made myself better coffee at home than some I have paid for 'out'.

Freeze your coffee in an ice cube tray JUST for coffee cubes.
Never pour it down the drain.
If you have enough cubes, then put your coffee in the fridge in a nice cup with a good lid to use the next morning.
Mix your 'cream', then your sweetener.

(1/2 &1/2 is good, heavy cream is the best, but 2% is the best for you)

Pretty soon you will have it down just like you like it.
And it's at a very good price.


Rebecca said...

That IS a great idea! I'll try it. You COULD blend it in the blender or food processor, too!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have a nice blender right in front of me while I fix up my morning coffee....and I just never do it. I need to!!

Jersey Mama said...

my my my ... you know exactly how to make coffee just the way i like it :) i will come visit you and you can make some for me!