Wednesday, September 22

A Song For My Friends

I wish I knew the tune to this....maybe some day I will hear it!!

Summer Skies Are Glowing

Summer skies are glowing
Over land and sea;
Happy light is flowing,
Bountiful and free.
Every thing rejoices
In the mellow rays;
All earth's thousand voices
Swell the psalm of praise.

God's free mercy streameth
Over all the world,
And His banner gleameth,
Everywhere unfurled.

Broad and deep and glorious
As the heaven above,
Shines in might victorious
His eternal love.

Lord, upon our blindness
Thy pure radiance pour;
For Thy loving-kindness
Makes us love Thee more;

And, when clouds are drifting
Dark across our sky,
Then, the veil uplifting,
Father, be Thou nigh.

We will never doubt Thee,
Though Thou veil Thy light;
Life is dark without Thee;
Death with Thee is bright.

Light of light! shine o'er us
On our pilgrim way;
Go Thou still before us
To the endless day.


Rebecca said...

What encouraging words! I'm sure there would be many tunes it could be sung to...I was too lazy to leave my chair and check the back of my hymnbook for meter information...But one tune I could sing it to was the tune of "There Is a Redeemer (Jesus God's Own Son"). DO you know that one? Try it! It works.

It's a pretty basic meter, I can tell, and there should be several tunes you could interchange and they'd work.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I KNOW the song, but the girls are at the piano playing ANOTHER song, and I can't hum it! Thanks for making me think that direction. If you come up with something else, let me know! I thought the words were beautiful.