Saturday, September 18

Something I didn't have........

Goodly Heritage

1) I may not have riches as some others may
But I have a mother who knows how to pray
And maybe there's some things I've missed in my youth
But I have a father who stands for the truth


I have a goodly heritage
I'm blessed with things you can't see
I have a goodly heritage
And that is worth far more to me

2) And if in the future, my parents pass on,
To dwell in that City we've come to call Home
They may not leave me the goods of this world
But I have accepted their God and His Word


I have a goodly heritage

I'm blessed with things you can't see
I have a goodly heritage
And that is worth far more to me


I have everything, all that I need
All that I need, treasures unseen,
And that is worth far more to me

I did NOT have a goodly heritage.  I did have parents that loved me, but they did not know the Lord.  I did not grow up with a mom that prayed. My dad did not stand for truth.  I got saved when I was 19 and already on my own.  My mother has been saved for many years,(10?) but I was not brought up with God and His Word.  I love my parents.........I am not as sorry for not having a 'Goodly Heritage' for myself.  I know the truth and know where I will spend eternity.  I just wish my dad knew..........

Kids that were brought up by parents that loved the Lord and were 'blessed with things you cannot see', have NO idea what it is like to grow up in a home where the Lord was a cuss word. 
Don't throw your blessing away.
If you were not brought up with parents that loved the Lord, make sure your own kids are.



I know this to be true mostly also, Michele. My Mom was a praying Mom but My Dad was lost. The scares, were one of the things that made me determined that I would not raise the children, God gave to me the same way. So very early I began to pray for a Man who knew the Lord for a husband. God gave me that man, though not perfect, he loves the Lord and desires to live for him. Now that I am old and have short time left, I am so thankful for that decision, it has made the years if not filled with material riches, it has been for the most part filled with love for our Lord, joy, peace, and the knowledge that we were in God's will.
My heart breaks for our children that we know who have to find out for themselves and would not listen. Time passes and pleasures do not last. The time will come, when if we do not have the Lord, we have nothing at all!! Grandma

Rebecca said...

Dear One, I rejoice with you that you are giving YOUR children something you didn't have. I never want to take for granted the incredible grace I received from God when He gave me Christian parents.

Julie said...

Thanks for the reminder! Beautiful song.

Sara said...

I have a niece that sings this song. I cry every time. I'm going to put it to a music video one day and we can all cry...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Sara, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT put pictures to this song. And if you do.....I don't want to see it. At least not for a while.

Sara said...

I won't do it till all is well...