Monday, September 13

Set the Table

The earliest settlers in America took their meals at a bord or borde-literally a wooden plank or two, set on a trestle.  This arrangement made sense because it could be dismantled after dining to make room for other activities-an important consideration in modest dwellings.  to 'set the table' for dinner meant, literally, to set trestle and board in front of those who intended to dine.  We also reference that early arrangement whenever
 we speak of 'room and board'. 

taken from "The Kitchen Linens Book" by EllynAnne Geisel


~~Deby said...

I did not know this....okay how about "Make the Bed"....when we had Japanese exchange students they could not understand that phrase....
love stuff like this..

Mo said...

I like 'tidbits' too!! wonder where THAT word came from?

Sara said...

Those scones look like something made back then. Kinda rough around the edges but very tasty!