One Sunday Morning

I got up one Sunday morning to this.
The light was coming in through the dining room windows....
in a way I had never seen it before.
It was kind of creepy.
Is your house night friendly?
Morning friendly?
I like our house in the morning, but not at night.
I am not a night-owl.
That's probably why.
Are *YOU* a night owl?


~~Deby said…
I use quite a bit of low lighting throughout the day, if need be. I don't get much natural light in my home--"sigh"------there is a time in the morning when the sun is shinning that I love.
I am not a NIGHT OWL...but I don't sleep well either..I don't think we will need sleep in heaven, maybe I am just practicing ?
Grammie Kim said…
I LOVE IT! We have such odd morning and evening light in the winter because of the snow. It often looks blue or purple outside. But never green, unless there are amazing Northern lights in the sky, and they wouldn't be shining on the table.
And, hey, I see matching chairs...what can that mean?
Anonymous said…
I am a night-owl but wish I wasn't.
Mo said…
Got FOUR chairs at a thrift store with $$ Kimberly gave me for my birthday. I'm trying to phase OUT the folding chairs. They have NO personality. Except for the one that Kimberly got paint all over. Nobody wants to use it because you never can be sure about paint.

I've never been a night-owl. I like mornings too much to go to bed at 1 and get up at 10.
Dee said…
That is an unusual light...kind of cool. I am a morning person that is being forced to be a night person and my brain is in rebellion.:)
Sara said…
I tend to be a night-owl but try hard to keep it suppressed.
My house can be scary or happy at any point of the day! lol Depends on what is happening...

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