Thursday, September 2

New Office

This is my husband's new office.
Well, his old office with new paint.
I think it must be 20 degrees cooler in there now.
He fixed it up real nice, got rid of some stuff, rearranged, got a new desk, kept an old one, bought new pictures, got a rug,
(so Bunny would have somewhere to throw up)!!
He kept his shredder, his books and the 'vacation' magnets.
Some things are just keepers.



I love it!!! I know there will be many good things come from the "man" who uses that office as there has been in the past. I love new beginnings.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

New is sometimes very good. I like enough old things to keep everything even around here!!

Anonymous said...

The office looks really nice! But I LOLed at the comment about a rug for Bunny to throw up on. Only pet owners can understand why! (o;

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We have ONE spot of carpet in the house.....ONE, and that's where Bunny got sick....I could hardly believe it.