Thursday, September 16

My Contribution

I am not overly concerned about my carbon footprint.
I am pretty sure that landfills and what goes in them is NOT our biggest problem.  I do try to do my part if I can...and not be crazy about it.
If I just buy a few things, I never have them put it in a bag.
It is silly to pick out 3 apples and put them in a produce bag, then the *store* people put it in ANOTHER bag. 
I tell the checker, I don't need a bag....I'll save a plastic tree.
Most of them don't even come close to getting it.
And then Once In A Blue Moon I will remember to bring my neat little bag inside the store for my purchase.
This one was from Wawa in New Jersey.  It's their version of Buc-ees.
So, I give the bag to the checker, she fumbles around with it, it won't snag the little hook that's on the circle thing they put groceries on....she says, "Aw, that's nice, you bring a bag from Wal-Mart to put your KROGER groceries in."
I said, it isn't a Wal-Mart bag.  Then she looks at it closer and says *OH!*
Like she's been to one.
I figure I put enough disposable diapers in landfills, the least I can do is carry my apples out in the produce bag.
It isn't so bad.


Rebecca said...

Love the "twist" at the end :)

It isn't easy being green!

Grammie Kim said...

I am surprised the cashier said that! Doesn't sound very friendly. I use Safeway bags at Fred Meyer (Kroger, actually) all the time, because Safeways reusable bags are so much nicer. Insulated, nice stiff bottom, sturdy. I don't think it is supposed to matter WHAT bag you use, as long as they are reusable.

Jersey Mama said...

yay for Wawa! When I first met my hubby I had never heard of it and I thought it was some weird way of saying Walmart ... those Jersey people, weirdos. lol

Mo said...

I would like a cup of Wawa coffee.....and I'd like it from the Wawa close to 57.

Sara said...

Oh! I'm for sure going to leave a carbon foot print or whatever they call it, with all my diaper changing over the years!
I love WaWa! Hehhee!