Tuesday, September 21

Laundry.......you may as well smile.

I like to do laundry.
I like the different things you can buy........and sniff......and spray
and spritz!!
I like clothes pins.  I like bleach.
I like 2 in 1 soap/softener........just like shampoo!
I like dryer sheets.
Especially those that come in purple glittery shiny boxes.
I like to gather laundry.
I like to sort it.
I have a jean load.
A white load.
A dark dress load.
The MOST fun load is the random load.
It will have doilies, sweaters, table cloths, curtains, dresser scarves,sheets, pillowcases, aprons, and fabric pieces.
That is a load I *love* to hang on the rack or out back on the line.

I love that load.

I like to hang things on the line.
I like to use the racks inside the washroom.
I have been very blessed with a very nice washroom.

It is missing a door to the back yard.....I have to go out the front door to get to the back yard....I guess I can't have a washroom AND a door to the back yard from the washroom.  I have a nice folding table, lots of room for baskets.

I have two wonderful old wash tubs in my wash room that my dad gave me.
One holds the towel load, the other holds the white load.

I like to get the clothes off the line, out of the dryer and off of the racks.
I don't use lots of fabric softener.
I just use enough to make stuff smell good.
My mom washed a great load of clothes.
Our clothes were always nice growing up.
No stains or blobs on anything that I can remember.
It's probably because she never let it sit in a basket for long.
We never had mildew on our towels....maybe it's because we didn't live where it feels like a jungle most of the time.

Well, I figure if I ever get stuck somewhere with a group of people, *I* will offer to do the laundry.  Somebody else can do the cooking and public speaking.

Lest anybody get the wrong idea here....I don't mind if somebody carries a basket of clean or dirty clothes here and there for me off and on.

What housework task do YOU enjoy?


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I do enjoy doing laundry and seeing it all nice and bright, but my mostest favorite thing is dusting and shining, sweeping and washing the floors too. I love the feel of a wonderfully clean floor on my feet!

Rebecca said...

You have given so much more analysis to the laundry process than I have ever done! When you put it the way you do, I see why I don't mind it at all either!

Grammie Kim said...

Mo, you're making us all want to go do our laundry with a happy heart.
Oops, gotta go switch the loads...

Sara said...

Does arranging things count?
I guess I don't mind the bathroom so much. Just spray a good cleaner and wipe.
I like making beds too.