Tuesday, September 14

Last year at this time, we were fixing to go to Colorado.

It's one of the funnest places I have ever been
and one of the best times
I have  ever had.

Getting there was part of the fun.

Being there was more fun.

Table for 9 at Casa Bonita!!

They weren't smiling here because we couldn't find our kids.....

These are for spoons.........I bought one with a little chickadee on it.
I use it every time I drink coffee.
Makes me think of tea.
(Celestial Tea Factory)

Doesn't even look real.....
The weather was beautifully sunny and warmish cool the whole time....except it started to snow on us one evening....the last evening.....
which meant the last day before we all had to go home....was snowy and cold and freezy.
Just perfect for the kids to play in the snow and slide around.

The adults had a good last day together, too.

We watched Twilight Zone, made real cinnamon rolls, ate BBQ, drove on scary roads, went to a candy factory, took short walks, drank coffee, sang, listened to Lester Roloff , bought books at a thrift store, played games, and asked for a table for 9. 

We made some good memories.

Home again, home again.
Jiggity Jig.

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Grammie Kim said...

that was a fast year, wasn't it? Good times with friends are such nice memories. Glad you got to go to Colorado! It is a really nice place.