Tuesday, September 14

back yard

Sun in the back yard
Grows lazy,

Dozing on the porch steps
All morning,

Getting up and nosing
About corners,

Gazing into an empty

Later easing over the grass
For a nap,

Someone hangs out the wash--

Which changes
Everything to a rush and a clap

Of wet
Cloth, and fresh wind

And sun
Wide awake in the white sheets.

all the small poems and fourteen more
Valerie Worth


Grammie Kim said...

Awww, I thought YOU wrote that. Sounds like you. I bet you wish you had written it. :)

Mo said...

Well yes,
I wish I had.
But I can't usually
think like that.
I'm usually on
a different track.

Sara said...

I still use my clothes line even though I have a dryer now. Old teachings and habits die hard! Thanks Mom!

Mo said...

I save my dryer for a rainy day !!

Pastor McEntire said...

A different track as in off track? ;-)

Mo said...

I'm never off track.