Friday, August 6

today and yesterday

We 'were' going to have black bean burritos for supper tonight but
got pizza instead.

I wasn't really enjoying seeing my stuffed rabbits, so I made
the hutch a skirt.

As soon as I don't have anything else to do,
I am going to sew buttons from
Bird in Hand....
onto the hutch skirt.

Trigger has been put out to pasture.
Actually, this is my mulch spot.
But he doesn't know.

Free hot air, it dries towels.
For free.

This is the spot that I tried to grow a garden.
I had it all squared off with cinder blocks
and excellent soil from my mulch pile.
But NO>>>>>>
The neighbor has a tree in his back yard the
size of an oil tanker that totally is shading
our back yard. 
It will be the tree that crushes our roof when the next hurricane comes.
It is the tree that weeps black sooty mold on everything in the back yard.
Including the clothes line.
If I had a truck with a cherry picker on it....
I'd be cutting me down a tree.
My neighbor said I could.


GardenofDaisies said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have used Prisma colored at my Moms. I should pick up some for myself.
I just noticed your canning jar full of buttons in your picture. I purchased a jar full of buttons at a little shop yesterday. I should take a picture and post it.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I LOVE buttons....I should just collect 'them'....they're small and easily contained!!