Monday, August 30


Bunny might think she's a cat sometimes.....

Here are some of Lydia's books.
I will use a book from the 1930's if I can find a good one!
Like the Bible study book.
Truth is Truth, right?
The DOG book is for art....Lydia is going to sketch dogs.
Body By Design is going to be an EXCELLENT book.

We started school today.  It was a really quiet morning.
I was remembering back to the day when FOUR kids would start school and there were two littles NOT in school.
That made for lots of noise.
Happy noise.
But it was really quiet for this first day.
I got the books ready.
Lydia got up.
Went to the table and did her work.
Then she was done.
And that was the first day.
The last time I had one kid in school.....Sara was in first grade.
For years and years I've had kids in every corner of the house....
either doing school, avoiding it, or wishing they could DO school.
I have always been a 'better late than never' type of teacher.
Why start a kid in school when they're three and showing great signs of reading and geometry.....when you can let them play and BE a kid.
Things are going to be pretty different this year.
In lots of ways, easier....but in some ways, not.
Seems like the less I have to do,
the LESS I do.
There seems to be no sense of urgency with just ONE kid in school.
6 kids would drive you to urgency......
One doesn't.
But Lydia has just as big of a pile of books to do as you other kids did,
so don't go to thinking she has it easy.


~~Deby said...

sounds like by now you are a PRO--have a great year Lydia !!!...and you to Michelle

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Bunny just wants to help! LOL!

Sara said...

I remember holding a cat, who's name started with a "P" in my lap when I did school.
Lydia my have it just as hard but not as fun! Don't forget to take a picture of her holding her favorite book!

Kristi said...

Aww...your last student. :( Kind of bitter sweet for you, I know. I had a hard time knowing Justin was graduating this year and my class of three would now be a class of two.

We start back Sept 20.


Grammie Kim said...

GO LYDIA, GO! You will adjust. Now you can start writing your book that will never end. ;)

Julie said...

LOL, 6 kids do drive you to urgency! With one starting sixth grade and trying to adjust to a newborn I keep wondering how it's all going to get done.
Of course I *know* that God is going to give me the way. I just have to remind myself of that ALL. THE. TIME.