Tuesday, August 10

MoDay, August 10

The cats hear me walk down the hallway. 
Anybody else can walk down the hallway at any time
during the morning and they won't meow their starving
hearts out.  But they know when I'm up.
This morning I fed four cats.  We only own three,
but I was so glad to see Cougar that I didn't mind feeding
Funny Face from next door.  Cougar has a horrible gouge out of his neck from a fight.  I was afraid he was not going to come back.

I read a little in my little room and wrote a little in my little journal.

I made some hot coffee....you might be thinking, well duh.  Coffee IS hot.  I usually do not drink hot coffee in the morning. I chill leftover coffee every day, so every morning I get up, I have it cold.  But when James runs out of Starbuck's beans, there is no cold coffee for me.
I drank my hot coffee out of the Colorado cup.  Colorado always makes me smile.

I mixed up some Apple Scones for breakfast.  The recipe called for grated cheese, but that just didn't sound very good, so I substituded powdered sugar.....

While the scones were baking, I cleaned the sink.  I always leave the spray cleaner in the sink to remind me that bleach splatters and ruins clothes.

I got the ice chese ready to put in the trunk.  It's a good thing I had lots of bottled ice.  It was super duper hot today and even more so in a closed up car.

I got the plates ready for the scones.  I had NO idea how they would turn out....all I knew is that I wanted to make them and I had a recipe.  A desire and a recipe is not a guarantee that summpin will work. 

I worked on my grocery list a little bit.  There is always a fellowship, a birthday or company to plan for. Which is a good thing.  Who wants to eat every meal by themselves?  


My family was playing "Chopped" with me.  Did I taste the batter.
They seemed a little heavy.  Why didn't you add the cheese?  Mine's too done.  Mine is undercooked.  It's a little too sweet.  It's really not very sweet. 
They 'were' good and I'm going to make them again.
If you use the recipe I posted, be prepared to add more flour than the recipe says....it will NOT be kneaded unless you do.

Took Kim to work, then Lydia and I went to Hospice and then HEB.  Forgot everything I wrote down to buy at HEB. How did I manage that even with my list right in front of me?
I did manage to remember jalapenos.
I always get them at HEB. 
Then we went to Kroger and got almost all of our groceries there.  I love that store.  Lydia and I tried to choose which fabric softener we liked the best....I couldn't choose except for this....I do NOT like the one in the red bottle. 

I never go to this store, but I had a few of their coupons and wanted to buy some of their whole bean coffee.....I know I've seen this before, but it made me laugh again today.  Look at how they name their aisles!  These are the street names in town....uh yeah, gravy mixes are on Huckleberry. 

If it's wrong to take pictures of license plates, then take me to jail. 

Lydia was fixing to put a heavy box in the cart....and she said, "Move those suckers!"  They just happened to BE suckers.

I was so thirsty when I got home.  This was waiting for me.  Water tastes better out of a cool container.

This is what I got at Hospice Thrift Store....I love to read Reader's Digest books, I'm going to use the Anne Frank book for a history book this year for Lydia, the Gloria Stoddard book will be taken lightly.  She's a great decorator, but her theology is off.  I love Betsy Clark plaques. 

I put groceries up, made supper and did some dishes.  Speaking of dishes, we all have different ideas of what we ought to use.  The see thru stuff on the right makes my hands feel slick and the stuff in the middle smells weird.  I use the purple on the left.  So, we're all happy.  ??  If you do enough dishes at our house, I will buy you your own special bottle.  Just see if I don't....

add some humidity to this.....

I planted some flowers.  Some fake ones.  It'll have to work until I can get some to grow in this heat.  If I put catnip in a pot....I'll be feeding FORTY cats every morning instead of four.

I folded some doiles and put them up.

Colored some Dover 'shapes'.

Taught Lydia how to fix a hem her denim skirt.

Kimberly and I fixed ourselves a salad.
This salad would have gotten "Chopped".
It just didn't POP.


I watched "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" with the girls.  If Bunny would ever stay still, we could get a good picture of her.....

James gave me a pair of gloves.  I am having Mama Bear hold
them until I need them.

Beautiful sunset.

This is the book I am reading before zzzzzzzz time.
It's about a man that moved to Madison, Indiana.  He has dogs and talks about the little town....we have been there twice on vacation to shop.  I'd live there.....

Whether or not I have a bowl of ice cream before bed, I still had a pretty good day.  I love to get groceries, I love scones,

 I love my house, I love my nest, In all the world, My nest is best......


Sara said...

I wish I could have spent the day with you. Smelling stuff, eating stuff, watching stuff and laughing about stuff!

Samantha said...

"Are You My Mother?"

I LOVE that book...i remember reading it to my lil' bro's growing up and i have read it to all three of my children........ when i read that last line of your post, it brought back some good memories! Thanks!

~~Deby said...

thanks for sharing your day...I love the way you did it..I might have to try that one time..great pictures and your words brought us right to you...I felt at home...and I too am a Chopped fan...actually, watch many of the Food network shows...

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Deby......just carry your camera around!!