Friday, August 13

End of the week.....

These smelled SO good when I took them off the line.
Lots better than coming out of a dryer, I'm sure.

Four out of five cousins stayed up all night and played games.
I didn't hear a peep.
I either was sleeping very well, or they were very quiet.

Before I left to take Kim to work, I made out a 'to do' list.
One of the things 'to do' was go through coffee cups and weed them out.
Only keep special ones.
Then I go to my favorite thrift store and they had these.
I bought them.
I'm not even sorry.

This HAD to be the most MISERABLE day to do yard work.
It rained in between blasts of hot sunshine.
I was covered with grit and rain and bugs and probably other things you don't want to hear about.
I got LOTS done though. 
I created a monster in my yard. 
I built me gardens and enjoyed them for a short time, then they started to taunt me.
I have spent the last 4 or 5 years trying to tame them....except for this year. 
This is the year of the disappearing gardens.
I am doing away with the high maintenance part of the yard.
It has caused me to not be able to plant and enjoy flowers. My back yard only has irises now.
The West Side garden only has the avocado tree area.
I have three gardens in the front yard that I can easily take care of.  We will not be doing blue and pink bonnets in the front yard this year.  I spent a better part of last late winter pulling clover out of them.  T'wasn't worth it.  The changes I have made these past few months should make the next few years more enjoyable.
one of these days, my kids will thank me for this....i have bricks and rocks and 'stuff' contained now....instead of all over the yard


I cleaned this spot up REALLY good.
Really WELL?
Well, it looks really GOOD now.
I love to hang things on the side of the house.
My husband so kindly helps me out in that area.
That's our old mailbox from the church. To the right of it is an old lawn mower blade.
It was from a mower the boys used learning how to work and make money of their own. I was always so proud of the way they liked to stay busy.
Yeah, money motivates...........but not everybody.

Newly arranged bricks.
I was brought up moving bricks around for my dad.
I think it runs in my blood.

I added some new stepping stones to this area.  This area also has grass that needs is like yanking wire out of a sidewalk.
NOT a whole lot of fun.

Jolly admiring the 24 Minute Garden.
To her, it is just a big litter box.

A favorite new spot in the doorway.  I'm trying to acquire more potted plants.  I'd LOVE to grow some catnip.

Specially cut mulberry branches hold my gloves.
It's a great treat to put my hand in one of them and have a critter crawl out of it.  I'm really hard on these gloves....I HAVE to have them or NO yard work would get done.

Hope you enjoyed the end of my week!


Chas said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the new/old coffee cups.
Sorry for the tough day in the yard.
Have a happy weekend!

Sara said...

I enjoyed it because I sat in my air-conditioned office and read about it!

~~Deby said...

What a great post..I WISH I were able to accomplish the things you do....I cannot I will watch you do your things from afar....your sense of style is refreshing....