Thursday, August 5


I just read a book :  Judson Moss Bemis Pioneer
the link tells about his company
there are so many good true books out there
that's why I don't read fiction
except for Calvin and Hobbs


Rebecca said...

I'm hoping to capitalize on that hot air you found for drying OUR clothes! Now that the huge mulberry tree is gone (yes, we paid to have it cut down) there is nothing holding us back!

OUR neighbor also has a tree with a huge dead branch hanging well over our roof. It was waiting for an excuse to fall. Like YOUR neighbor, OUR neighbor gave us permission to have it taken off when the mulberry was taken out. It cost us $375 to be safe from the neighbor's tree. :(

Mrs. Mobunny said...

We have a mulberry tree in the garden on the side of the house....but a HUGE yellow and black spider has made its home in the branches. The web is gold and unusual, so we might just leave it alone for a while. I look at small trees around our house and wonder which ones will cause trouble in years to come.

Anonymous said...

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