Saturday, August 28

24 Hours

Kimberly bought tickets for James and I to see *Leaving Iowa* AD Players.
The friend that helped her buy the tickets suggested that we eat at this cafe.
It was a most tasty idea.

Stayed at the InterContinental hotel....on the 6th floor.
There were 23 floors.
If they has ASKED us, I would have requested the 22nd floor.  But they didn't ask.
Another HotWire deal.

Ate at the PIE Cafe for breakfast...they so kindly kept my husband's hat all day for him.

Went to the HomeSchool Store for a few school books.
We have one student this year, so it didn't take much looking. Not much looking compared to years before, but when I walk into that store, I forget how many kids I ever had, what grade they are in and what books we own and don't own and what I should buy or not buy.
That store RATTLES me.

A few books for me.....

A small pile for husband....
OH YEAH....and some for Lydia.

Most, not all, of Rod and Staff Bible books are good.
A few of the other kids did this workbook.
I was really excited about the Body By Design book....and I got her a basic English workbook.
Everybody ought to be able to choose a good word, that makes a good sentence, that makes a nice paragraph, that makes a pleasant chapter, that could produce an interesting book.  Or letter, or blog post.

This MO stuff at Starbuck's is working really well.  Nobody spells my first name right, nobody can spell our last name even after I spell it for them 4 MO it is at Starbuck's. 

HeeHaw HeeHaw...they put it on his cup, too. 

While sipping our coffee, we watched a guy do valet parking for a restaurant right by Starbuck's.  The customers would get out of their car, he would hop in and drive it 30? feet to a parking spot for them.
People can sure be strange.....

Then we went to Central Market......
That was one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences I have ever had. 
If you live close to one, you had better makes plans to go.
We came home with all sorts of things.
Naan bread for one. Actually 3.
And chocolate rocks.  They look like the rocks you buy in a curio shop in Colorado.  And chocolate covered almonds....that look like green olives, pimento and all.

I had a MOST enjoyable time with my husband.
He will shop and shop and shop with me.
And more.


Sara said...

I'm so glad you guys got to get away for awhile. A mini honeymoon!

Grammie Kim said...

Awww...such a nice time! You take such fun pictures. "MO" is the easy way to find you...and describe you...and label you.

You had a Mofun, Moshoppin', Mobookbuyin', Mohubbytime, Mocoffeedrinkin' time.
Love you from Mosbb