Friday, July 16

Wednesday and Thursday

For some reason, it just tickles me when I see a dog stick his
head out of a car window.  This was during a traffic jam.
I wonder if his name was Peanut Butter?

We tried to tell them that we just wanted to drive on their roads....not buy them.

I love the houses up here.

A real choo-choo train to ride on.
How neat is that?

Spent some time with the Morrison family.
This is a diner.
Up here they don't pronounce the *er* like we do.

This would be a smorgasbord? In Texas it is a buffet.
The gift store in the basement is 41,000 square feet.
I kid you not.
The lobby had a asked people to please dress modestly.
Looks like everybody read it and did so.
So how in the world does a place like this have the right to ask people how to dress?
........nobody looked offended or mad about it either.
I wonder if anybody walked off oppressed and offended about the request.
Can you imagine if a church put a sign up?

I can't stop taking pictures of the farms.
It is beautiful here this time of year.
Like a green quilt.

You'll have to use your imagination here.
This field was full of fireflies.
Can you believe this?
I get a new camera and it has all kinds of settings...
but NO firefly in the field setting.
So, just use your imagination.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture of the dog! And the farms are so pretty.

I can relate to what you are saying, I CANNOT figure out how to take a picture of fireflies at night. Of course I don't think anyone else can either because I tried Google Images and they didn't have any good pictures either.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

If we could come up with some firefly pictures....JUST THINK !! But, let's not quit our day jobs yet.

Kristi said...

I'm loving your travel pics and comments. :)