Monday, July 26

A Tale of Three Trips

Six kids divided into three groups of two means three trips. Brother Thomas,an old preacher friend, many years ago sat in our frontroom and told my husband to try to take our kids on trips. We go camping, to Kansas, to Mississippi and to weddings, but the trip 'Up North' is the trip taken on purpose.....for lots of reasons. We wanted the kids to have a DC/NY memory and this Friday concluded our efforts.

We did different things with the different kids, but had fun with all six ....we met lots of people and made friends on the trips. We made memories from Slap Ya Mama spice to Silver Springs, Maryland, and lots in between.

Here is an account of the things we did:

(if any of you six kids read this and detect an error, tell me and I will correct it!)(this is your chance!!)

Sara and Caleb flew in Autumn and had no cell phones OR digital cameras.

Olivia and Daniel drove in Autumn and we had cheesy cell phones and one digital camera we got for free somewhere.....

Kimberly and Lydia drove in Summer and we had 4 digital cameras, three cell phones, two with internet and one with gps.

We rented a car with Sara and Caleb, had the Ram Van with Olivia and Daniel and the Mercury with Kimberly and Lydia.

Sara and Caleb drove to subway station for DC.

Olivia and Daniel walked to subway station for DC.

Kimberly and Lydia rode in a motel van to subway station for DC.

No Mount Vernon for Kimberly and Lydia.

No Fort McHenry for Daniel and Olivia.

No Time's Square for Sara and Caleb.

Kimberly and Lydia got to go into the Supreme Court courtroom.

Sara and Caleb got to tour Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty.

Olivia and Daniel got to see the Smoky Mountains in Autumn.

Free access to Capitol Building with Sara and Caleb.

Guided and controlled tours for Olivia and Daniel.

Guys in black with sniper guns on top of building for Kimberly and Lydia.

Motel 6 for Sara and Caleb.

Super 8 for Olivia and Daniel.

Hyatt from Hotwire for Kimberly and Lydia.

Sara and Caleb didn't get to ride on the Staten Island Ferry, but they did get to go to West Point and the Mint.

Olivia and Daniel didn't get to go to the top of the Rock (Rockerfeller Plaza), but they did see the Lifesize Tabernacle and Experience Theatre in Amish Country.

Kimberly and Lydia didn't get to tour Ellis Island or Balto, but they did walk through China Town.

Sara and Caleb were in the basement of the Twin Towers, Olivia and Daniel saw Ground 0, and it was fenced off for Kimberly and Lydia.

Since Sara and Caleb flew, they didn't get to go to Casey Jones Village, Olivia and Daniel went through the museum and almost ate at the restaurant, Kimberly and Lydia just shopped!

Andy took Sara and Caleb to Cape May, a lighthouse, Stolzfus's, Amish Country and Delaware Bay.

Andy took Olivia and Daniel to a covered bridge, Wendell August Forge, Duquesne Incline....we ate bagles with them and pumpkin pie.

Andy took Kimberly and Lydia to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, Hunt's Museum, and Indian Cafe and Pirates vs. Astro's game.

These are the things we did on the three trips.....they all kind of started running together as you can imagine. Each kid did most of the things and went most of the places....James and I did it all......except I didn't go up any elevators or the Air and Space Museum.

M- Dinner with Morrisons, Mt. Vernon, Madison-Indiana, M&M Store, Mint, Macy's

S- Statue of Liberty, Stoltzfus, Smithsonian Museum and Store, Smoky Mountains, Supreme Court Building, NY & DC Subway, Shady Maple, Silver Springs Maryland, Starbuck's, Shorter Home,

B- Balto, Bird in Hand, Brooklyn Bridge, Baltimore, Best Western, Batesville

H- Holocaust Museum, Hermitage, Hershey Penn., Harrisburg, Heinz Museum, Hudson River

C- China Town, Cinnabon, Constitution, Capitol, Central Park, Crystal City, Cape May, Catskill Mountains, Caraousel, Cracker Barrel, Casey Jones

W- White House, Washington's Grave, West Point, WaWa's, Washington Monument, WW11 Memorial, Wendell August Forge

E- Empire State Building, Emmaus Penn., Ellis Island, Experience Theatre

D- Delaware River, Dunkin Donuts, Declaration of Independence, Duquesne Incline,

F- Franklin's Grave, Ft. McHenry, Ferry, Federal Hall, Friendly's

L- Lancaster, Liberty Bell, Lee House, Lincoln Memorial, Little Italy, Lego Store, Library of Congress

R- Roosevelt Memorial, Reflecting Pool, Rockerfeller Plaza

P- Potomac River, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Philly Cheesesteak, pretzels, PNC Park

A- Air and Space Museum, Amish Country drive and shopping, Ambrose Home, AppleBee's, Aviary, Arlington Cemetery

T- Time's Square, Tennessee, Taco Bell, Thomas Jefferson Monument, Trenton Georgia :(

N- Newburgh, New Jersey, New York, Nissan Plant, National Archives

Yazoo City, Viet Nam Memorial, Zelienople,

I'll never be sorry for the money we spent and the time and planning that went in to all of the trips. Lots of miles were driven and it was worth every foot and every penny spent. What better way to learn history?


Sara said...

Very good memory Mom! I didn't see any errors for my leg of the journey.
As always, thanks so much for taking us up there. So far it's been my trip of a lifetime!

Jersey Mama said...

Yay for letter "S"!!!

Chas said...

What great memories!
So glad you had so many great trips! :)

joy said...

And hooray for Wawa's!

Glad we got to see you guys!

Anonymous said...

:thumbs up: