Thursday, July 29

A Paragraph from the Book: LADDIE by Gene Stratton Porter

I always thought the sitting-room was nicer than the parlour.  the woodwork was white enamel there too, but the bureau and chairs were just cherry and not too precious to use.  They were every bit as pretty.  The mantel was much larger.  I could stand up in the fireplace, and it took two men to put on an everyday log, four the Christmas one.  One each side were the book shelves above, and the linen closets below.  The mantel set between these, and mother always used the biggest, most gorgeous bouquets there, because she had so much room.  The hearth was a slab of stone that came far into the room.  We could sit on it and crack nuts, roast apples, chestnuts, and warm our cider, then sweep all the muss we made into the fire.  The wall paper was white and pale pink in stripes, and on the pink were little handled baskets filled with tiny flowers of different colours.  We sewed the rags for the carpet ourselves, and it was the prettiest thing.  One stripe was wide, all gray, brown, and dull colours, and the other was pink.  There were green blinds and lace curtains here also, and nice braided rugs that all of us worked on of winter evenings.  Everything got spicker and spanner each day.


Anonymous said...

What a *lovely* quote! Such beauty in the words, I just love old books.... (o:

Mrs. Mobunny said...

....and this book is VERY old.....1913

Sara said...

Of course I remember you reading this book to us. We'd all sit on the couch and love every minute of it!