More About the Trip

This would be the first time we came *up* from the
subway to see DC at night.

As you can see, it was rather breezy in the subway
station.  I always kept Lydia's card in my purse,
and every time I handed it to her, I could just
see it flying off in a man-made breeze.
This never did happen....just another
unfounded fear.

We drove a lot and saw lots of things.
Probably the most strange would be these water-buffalo made out of pipe....or pipes in the shape of water-buffalo?
And everybody does NOT have a water-buffalo.

I kept random and sporadic track of some funny things I saw and a few things that were said, wish I would have had the forethought to do it during the whole trip.  Sometimes I was more tired than I thought something was comical, so it didn't get recorded. 
Sometimes I wanted to write a note into my phone, but couldn't hold a coffee, an umbrella, slip around on a wet sidewalk, hang onto my new camera and watch traffic...all at the same time....
so, the thought was lost.

Here are a few things I *did* get.
Sorry if I repeat myself from somewhere else.
Maybe if you didn't get it the first time, you will this time.

A joke from an almost five year old, joke teller:
"Do you know what a  5,000 hippo wants for its birthday?"
well, you should.

From a Pastor:

Books I want to get: 
Crusoe of Lonesome Lake by Leland Store
The Cracker Kitchen by Owens
A Plank Bridge by a Pool by Thelwell
The Yale Book of Quotes by Shapiro
Fur Fortune and Empire by Eric Dolin

Funny Names of Places, Streets, Roads:
Mousetail Landing State Park
Three Square Hollow Road
Zellie Road
Hen and Ben the Shoe Men
Horse Cave Kentucky
Puff's Smoke Shop
Birdsong Road
Locust Ridge
Butterfly Road
Grassy Ridge
Apple Orchard Lane
Pull Tale Road
Salunga PA
Merdall Street
Spooky Nook Road

Something I overheard:
.....yeah, we waited in line ALL that time just to see some old papers
(speaking of National Archives)

Bumper Sticker:
Your Wallet, the only place Democrats want to drill....

I like cats, I just can't eat a whole one by myself.

Legalize the Constitution

You're a mile wide and an inch deep.

It took an hour and some change.

"What's wrong with being born in a barn?" said the horse.

I made this name up from a few old tombstones I saw:
Elneta Buttencutter Appleby

From a list a doctor made:
Eat wisely
drink plentifully
eliminate thoroughly
bathe cleanly
exercise rationally
accept inevitables
play entusiastically
relax completely
sleep sufficiently
check up occasionally
Dr. Calver

I thought this was a very strange place to put a *one seater*...
right in the doorway of a state welcome center.
I won't mention which state.

When I would see places like this, I would say, "What a DUMP!"

My favorite door.

There's a pretty good chance we were getting bored.

I wish this was clear.  I was still trying to get my camera to take good shots, and I totally blew it with this picture.
It says:
and at the bottom it says MO,
I got tired of spelling and repeating my REAL name
MO worked really well.

The breakfast WAS good....biscotti.
It was new to me.
And yes Theresa, those are raspberries.

Art Musuem, wait ! that's the side of a fridge....

Neat Trees

CatTails in a ditch....I got a close-up of them cause we pulled over to look at the map.

The year I graduated.

this is what you are if you text and drive

got oil?

I'm wondering if ANY company would put unapproved,
disimproved, not proven on anything?

Georgia Mud


Some things I bought.......


Sara said…
I didn't get to look at what you bought! You got some neat stuff too.
Love your new background!
What a good "scrapbook" of the trip!

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