Tuesday, July 20

Favorite pics of trip....

Fairy Bluebird at Aviary/ Pittsburgh

Beautiful Finch

GREAT museum in Pittsburgh

He only wants to be your neighbor.....

This looks more classy than it really is, it's alumunim.....once every day dishes, now in a museum.

Scattergories Answer....things at a ball-game:
Cotton Candy


A present from Amish country from my husband. 

Yeah.....don't BREATHE.......

I couldn't fit this into our trunk....so I had
to leave it on the sidewalk.....

A Mellow Yellow House in Madison, Indiana

This picture doesn't do this area justice.....the hill is high, the trees are all in a
line and it looks really neat in person.  Go to Madison, Indiana to shop, and then you will see what I mean.


Chas said...

Are you home again???
Your pictures are wonderful!
I hope you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that finch is *gorgeous*!

Sara said...

Great pics! Can't wait to get 'em off you card onto my computer!! LOL

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Love the pictures! I really love the finch!

Jersey Mama said...

I am pleased to see that you know the correct terminology, "Slug Bug" not "Punch Buggy" (as my husband tries to convince me.)