Tuesday, June 15

you would think I would learn....

I see women and girls all the time with a little clip on the top of their head. The lady that assisted the dentist I went to see last year some time...had a little
clip on the top of her head. 
She was growing her bangs out.
When I see it, I think, I imagine she's sorry she ever cut her bangs....cause now look.
You struggle for two years trying to get them long enough to go behind your ears.....or at least long enough to look like they are *that short* on purpose.
Every time I cut bangs on one of my daughters, I was sorry, and they usually were too.
If they weren't sorry, I made them sorry.
If people ask me what I'm doing...sometimes I say:
"I'm growing my bangs out."
What are you doing?


Chas said...

This made me laugh, really.
I think all the time, oooo, I like her bangs, but then if I ever cut them on myself or my girls, I am sorry too. ugh.
Your little ponytail up on top is sweet! :)
And you are going to have to share the recipe for that cake you are going to bring to my house. :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I just made it.......I'll get a recipe up with a picture. Soonly.

ancient one said...

Now we know what the little clips are for... LOL Your blog made me laugh too!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

LOL! Too cute and funny!

Rebecca said...

SOOOOOO funny! (But then again, so helpful! I've been going back and forth about asking to have a few bangs the next time I get my hair trimmed.....Now I don't think so.)

Kristi said...

right now? I'm growing mine out...and yeah I've been wearing a lot of clips in my hair. BUT! I don't like wearing them to church. So I'm considering cutting again. It wouldn't be so bad if my hair wasn't naturally straight as a stick. So when they're long they literally fall all in my eyes and the LEAST bit of humidity will flatten them like a pancake. *sigh* and *frustration*


Anonymous said...

I've had bangs my entire life. I keep wanting to grow them out but when I pull them away from my face it just seems like too much face sticking out and I end up cutting them again.