Wednesday, June 16

Old Books New To Me

Faith Baldwin-Evening Star
"In the leafy month of June..."  Coldridge

A book of crisis and seasons.

Amy Carmichael-Rose from Brier
The Bible is amazing.  Continually things that differ as much as things can, are bound together by golden chains.

William C. Edgar-Judson Moss Bemis, Pioneer
On arrival at Buffalo the party boarded a boat bound for Detroit, the wagons being hoisted to the deck to be used as cabins to sleep in.

I bought these three books today at a thrift store for fifty-cents each.
I have been hankering for a good book to read, maybe
now I have *three* !!
I like old books better than new books.


Rebecca said...

Me, too.

Kristi said...

I like old books too, but I LOVE old school books. I have several from the 1920's-1035.

Then I have a complete set of the McGuffey Readers daddy gave me. They're reprints, of course, but I still love them.