Tuesday, June 15


The Larkspurs are going to seed.
I love it.
They rattle when you bump into them.
You can see little black seeds on the ground around the plants.
Each day there are more to gather.
I know my Grandma used to gather seeds from her flowers.
I have an envelope that used to have seeds in it from her.
It said:  Sweet William
I love to save seeds for the next growing season.
The plants and flowers just seem to mean more.
Now they are not coming from a package I bought from the Dollar General.
Now they are growing from seeds I saved.
Just like Grandma.

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GardenofDaisies said...

Hi, wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog.
My Mom has always had a beautiful garden. She shakes the plants to scatter seeds in her garden, then she collects the rest in envelopes to share with everyone else.
I have been reading down through some of your older posts... good thoughts on reducing, reusing and recycling things. (what our grandparents called "being frugal", or "good stewards of the earth" and did without being asked.)