Sunday, June 6

from: Charity and its Fruits

If love is the sum of Christianity, surely those things which overthrow love are exceedingly unbecoming to Christians.

And so we find it by experience.  When contention comes into a place, it seems to prevent all good.

An envious Christian, a malicious Christian, a cold and hard hearted Christian, is the greatest absurdity and contraditction.

It is as if one should speak of dark brightness, or false truth!

No works are so becoming as those of love.  If you call yourself a Christian, where are your works of love? 

Have you abounded, and do you abound in them?

If this divine and holy principle is in you, and reigns in you, will it not appear in your life in works of love?

Consider.  What deeds of love have you done?

And how much have you denied yourself to promote the Redeemer's interest among men?

If your heart is full of love, it will find vent; you will find or make ways enough to express your love in deeds.

(my words:  We find many things to *vent*......we may even announce it on FaceBook, a blog, or twitter..........does warning everybody that you're fixing to *call a spade a spade*  make it Scriptural and Good to say?

 "Just venting here." 

 We should, as Jonathan Edwards wrote......find many places to vent our love.....if we truly DO love.  This book has been very convicting and helpful to me to see myself.  If I'm being what I ought to be, and sometimes it DOES occur, I will only apply it to myself and not wish that I had 100 copies to hand out to those that NEED it worse than I.

We all want to look so good.


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Now there is something to chew on. I try not to vent in e mail or on facebook and certainly not at someone. I might say I was in a bit of a snit and that does happen! Lord help me if I ever tear someone down!

Grammie Kim said...

Good post. Thought provoking!