Friday, June 4

28 on the 28th.

One week ago, we were sitting at the A.D. Player's waiting to see one of their plays.  It wasn't the best one we've seen.....I guess if there is a favorite something, there has to also be a least favorite, too.
We were celebrating our 28th anniversary....on the 28th. 
We went to Salt Grass Steakhouse, my favorite place for a salad....then we went to the play.  Little Foxes.
We were hoping to get some pie at the Pie House, but it looked like 23,883 other people had the same idea.
We did go the next morning for breakfast.  We had a very normal breakfast, one of these days we will go back for pie.
We *window* shopped at the Galleria Mall, drank a Starbuck's coffee, went to a couple thrift stores in Pearland....then ate at Olive Garden.
I'm very thankful for the 28 years on the 28th.  I'd do it again. 
What is 28+28?


ancient one said...


Rebecca said...

Sounds like OUR kind of celebration. We celebrated our 39th a few days ago - not an overnight, but a meal, a walk, and a piece of PIE :) It was just right for us.

(Usually, we'd work in a thrift store or two ourselves...this time we didn't)

Grammie Kim said...

Can it be that 28 years have passed? Can it really be???

Missynay said...

Congratulations! We've been married half the time that you have. :)