Monday, May 31

Two Things

These are two of my favorite things........this book is one of the best I have ever read.  It is written by my favorite author about her childhood....mostly about her crazy dad.

Gladys Taber.........Especially Father

If you're looking for a good book, here it is.
Maybe you will like some of her others, too.  I don't agree with all of her theology, but they are good books to read before bed.....they're kind of sleepy books.

Solitudes...Dan Gibson......exploring nature with music.  COUNTRY RETREAT.

Sometimes this sort of music is new-age and not enjoyable to me....but this one is different and this one IS enjoyed by all of us.  I imagine we have listened to it .....well, I was going to say as much as the national debt, but probably not THAT much.  If you are pulling out of our driveway and heading to Pearland, the cd is *just right.*  About the time you're pulling in to Super Target, the cd is done.  It is also the same length from a friend's driveway from ours.  We like #7 the best and #11 the least.  I have had this cd for about a year.  I bought it at Bass Pro Shop....I also got another one that looked like it might sound the same, but it didn't. Ya GOTTA get this one.  Big Sky, Old Creek, Picket Fence, Shades of Summer, The Road Home, A Lazy Afternoon, Warm Breeze, Country Rose, After the Sunset, Big Sky reprise.  #3 is the the one with the frogs chirping.   


Abounding Treasures said...

I enjoyed Gladys' *Especially Father* and just love her entire STILLMEADOW series :o)

Have a great day!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I enjoy her books....because they're kind of quiet.