Saturday, May 15

Starting and Finishing

Every year since Sara was five, I have gotten school books ready.  In the beginning, it wasn't such a big production, but for many years it was.  The girls tell me that I have had 5 of the 6 kids in school at one time....I don't even remember.  I just know that some years were quite overwhelming. Just a few days of my planning and buying and figuring would be played out over the school year.......for 2,3,4,5 kids at a time.  I have made my share of book buying mistakes, but at the same time, bought books that I used for 4 or 5 of the kids....meaning they were keepers !!
Nothing like a keeper book.

Today I went through books for next year.  For Lydia.  Just one kid.  I do know this, I haven't have just ONE kid in school since Sara was in 1st grade.  That was a long time ago.  And that might not sound like a very busy school year....but I also had a 4 year old and a 2 year old....
I now have just one kid in school....and no littles.  She *IS* my little.
sniff sniff

Here we go.  No, we're not doing a whole pile of Rod and Staff English books this year.
We don't use these anymore, but I can't bear to get rid of them.
I now use consumable workbooks....
Life is too short to use books that are hard to navigate.

  On the top of the dictionary are three English is old, one is new, one is a little workbook.  The other books will be sprinkled
through the rest of Lydia's schooling.  I want her to be domestically inclined.  Not declined.

Above are the some of the books I will use for Bible...........some are yet to be purchased.  I hope to
go to Mardel's and the Homeschool Store some time in August to look around.
Gaining Favor With God and Man is a keeper of all keepers. (to the right)  We highly recommend this book.
The kids even liked it.

History and Sciences...........I will probably find more, but these are the ones the other kids used, and I deemed them worth keeping.
Don't just buy history books from the catalog you get everything else from.  Branch out a little.
Have your kids read the good historical books *you* read.
I'm not too excited about science and biology type that section is thin. 

What's the good of Saxon math if you have no direction or goals or convictions about money?  So, you can add and you did all the books, but can you deny yourself?
I'd rather have a kid that doesn't go into debt the first chance they get, than a brilliant
math scholar any day. 
That's why we read Dave Ramsey.
The books in these pictures will not be for just one year, they will last over the next 5  years that
Lydia is in school. 
I'm sure I will add and subtract books. 
My next few years will be really different.
I miss the dining room being full of kids, pencils on the floor,
tears on the table, colors in the frontroom, piles and piles and piles of books,
drawings, and stars for work well done.
I probably ought to keep using little stickers.
I still have some left.


Sara said...

Wonderful post! Save some of those "keepers" for me!

Pastor McEntire said...

And you deserve the biggest sticker of are amazing.....and I should know....

Grammie Kim said...

Mo, you are amazing. I was a totally different homeschool mom. Not emotionally envolved with the books...
You SHOULD get the biggest sticker...