Tuesday, May 4

MOnday MOnday

Got up and made some biscuits......the next ones I try will be yeast. 

Did a load of pants and hung them outside to dry.  I always try to use free hot air if I can.  I am saving my dryer for a rainy day.

Sipped on iced coffee all day.  I love my double-walled-Starbuck's-coffee-cup.

Made some coffee ice cubes.  It is much nicer to have these melt in my iced coffee....it just makes more coffee.

Plugged in my poor camera batteries.  They sure get a work-out.

Filled my little vintage cotton ball holder up with cotton balls.  This belonged to my Granny.  She liked purple before I was even born......

I *really* need to hang these pictures up on the wall in the bedroom.

I save pages out of magazines.....it takes up less room than keeping the whole silly thing....when all I like is a few pages.  I keep pages with ideas for painting, gardens and crafts.  I send friends articles I find, too.  I have an old bread box I keep all my *pages* in.  I look through them once in a while for ideas.  If anybody wants to give me a magazine page......I will keep it in my special box.

Did another load of clothes.....it was so pretty out.....hung out some towels, but kept these little things inside to dry.  This is Gloria the rabbit....and an apron for my dishwashing soap bottle.

My larkspurs are blooming.....they're right in the garden by the doorway....it is such a pretty thing to pass by all the day.

Went to my favorite thrift store.........sometimes I find lots of things....sometimes I don't.

This is what I found......a silver rabbit made in India.

Went to a grocery store here in town....I like their vegetables ....got some red jalapenos, radishes and some salad.  Got home, made a salad, and it was lukewarm.

Perfecto.  I love radishes.  I love rabbits.

Kimberly and I played washers on the driveway.  She won most of the games.


On this very day in history, this is the state of my nasturtiums.


cilantro going to seed

My Irises are almost as tall as the house......when they bloom, they bloom in yellow.

Water for the cats and frogs.

I was in and out all day long enjoying myself.  But guess what, I don't remember pulling ONE weed.

Free hot air to dry towels.......

While talking to my bosom buddy on the phone....I noticed that I had some Rabbit Tails growing.  They are coming up under the picnic table and the lawn mower is missing them.  I must be sure to save the seeds.

I waited too long to do my grocery list, coupons and journal.  I did get it finished before bed, though.

Went to get Kim from the concession stand she works.....got some water and went home.  Turned on the A.C. and went to bed.  Had a very nice day inside and out.


Chas said...

What a fine MOnday you had. :)
Ours was rather fine also. I hope our Wednesday is just as fine. :) Have a beautiful day friend.

Sara said...

There is too much to address so I'll just say I like it all! I miss you!

Grammie Kim said...

If I documented my day, everyone would be asleep by the time they got through the first 2 entries.
I like how you save your dryer for a rainy day.
What do you think the silver rabbit is originially for? I thought, "teabag holder" but then when I saw the radishes, well, that blew my theory.
I think I remember what Rabbit Tails are, now that you posted a picture. :o)
Love you, Mo BB.

Anonymous said...

you are the best. Love you. Oemma