Sunday, May 23

Dorcas Acts 9

Dorcas sewed for widows and friends
She used a needle to stitch and mend.

She made them coats and garments with thread
Until Peter was called, because she was dead.

The widows stood around and cried
They told Peter she got sick and died.

Peter put them forth, prayed, then said
Dorcas, Tabitha, arise from the dead!

Her eyes opened and she arose
So she could sew and sew more clothes.

M. Mc.


I've been teaching my Sunday School girls about Dorcas.  I brought a little bag of sewing things this morning to show them.....buttons, elastic, ric-rac, snaps, thread and eyelet lace.

  I told the girls that Dorcas sewed for people and was full of good works.  She died and her friends missed her and loved her so much that they sent for Peter...and for a *miracle*.  If they just lost their dressmaker, I don't think they would have been so sad.  They lost more than somebody that sewed for them....they lost a friend.

  Just how sad will those around you be...when your time comes to die?  Are you so full of good works and almsdeeds that people will want to call for Peter for a miracle?  Will you leave empty spots everywhere? few? any?  What are you doing today that is heartfelt and helpful for those around you?  Just how much will you be missed? 

You can sew for people, wash their van, take them to the doctor, loan out your electric drill, bake bread, babysit, share your donuts, buy a gift and give a street person money for coffee-and if you have not charity you are as sounding brass, a tinkling cymbal.  You can remove mountains, without charity, you are nothing.  You can give your body to be burned, without chairity it profits nothing.

Story of Dorcas is a great lesson.  She was more than a dressmaker.


Sheri aka kitchenmaid said...

I'm sure this lesson will stick with your students a long time. Great idea to relate the scriptures to their everyday life; that makes the Bible relative and real.

Chas said...

Wonderful, wonderful post.

Dee said...

I had to smile at your post as it brought back memories of my dear mother-n-law who's name is Dorcas and she was a quilter and sewed many of her daughters clothes. She is now in a nursing home.

Sara said...

Love the new background!
Love the poem!
Love you!